Study Has Bad News for ‘Chief Diversity Officers’

A photo of a science classroom / Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

As education becomes a major focus of campaigns beyond the local school board level — the Virginia gubernatorial race is a prime example — the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy is out with a new study looking at the impact on school districts that hire a chief diversity officer (CDO) to remedy what are perceived to be systemic inequalities.

Anyone who’s worked in or has paid attention to higher education in recent years already knows the damage done to the rising generation that comes with identity-obsessed leftism. It turns out, according to the data gathered and reported by Heritage, school districts in charge of even younger students face similar issues. Simply put, “achievement gaps are growing wider over time in districts with CDOs.”

Heritage looked at 554 districts that had at least 15,000 students enrolled as of 2017, which accounted for more than 22.5 million students or roughly 44 percent of all students in public schools that year. Of the districts Heritage analyzed, 39 percent had a CDO on staff.

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