Brian Williams Admits Media is One Big Bubble

65th Annual Peabody Awards Luncheon / Photo by the Peabody Awards via Flickr

Brian Williams has a troubled relationship with the truth. After all, he made up a story out of thin air that he’d been fired upon by rockets when he was a war correspondent, then lied about it until he finally admitted it was all false. NBC promptly booted the anchor of “The Nightly News” off the air.

But Williams, who has since returned to sister station MSNBC with a late-night show called “11th Hour,” had a sudden burst of honesty on Friday.

“I have always believed we should be more critical of ourselves,” Williams said of the media. “The press corps — the people we read and the people we see all day long on cable news — tend to live in blue dots. No fault of their own — it’s where their employers are located. But it helps explain why the press corps largely was shocked at the rise of the Tea Party, shocked at the election of Donald Trump.”

“Out beyond the last exit for a Whole Foods, people have been listening to Steve Bannon and Trumpers have been running for town and city council and boards of ed, and this is happening in town after town across what is still a very red country,” Williams said, referring to the former Trump aide.

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