Portland Police Halted Once Again

The March of Millions on Sunday the 8th of December in Kiev / Photo by Ivan Bandura via Wikimedia Commons

If Portland burned and the media didn’t tell you, does that mean it didn’t happen?

Yes, Portland is still an anarchist’s dream vacation. Even more so, thanks to Oregon House Bill 2928, which hobbles the cops’ riot response options.

The new law took effect last summer after Portland “re-imagined” its policing techniques. House Bill 2928 has left the police looking for a kinder, gentler approach to handling the marauding, gluten-free communists who torch the city at will. The new law prohibits the police from using standard riot-control methods like beanbag rounds, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and crowd-dispersal tools that use sound or lights against the poor lambs sacking their city on a regular basis.

The Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) new riot tactic is simple: do nothing.

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