Leaked Facebook Document Reveals Secret Blacklist

Photo by Anthony Quintano from Westminster, United States via Wikimedia Commons

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Facebook’s policy director for counterterrorism and dangerous organizations, Brian Fishman, confirmed that a version of the DOI list had been leaked but emphasized that it is “not comprehensive.” He added that defining and identifying dangerous organizations is “extremely difficult,” noting there is “no hard and fast definitions agreed upon by everyone.”

He also explained that terrorist organizations, such as the Islamic State and al Qaeda, have hundreds of individual entities, many of which are listed out separately in the DOI list to “facilitate enforcement,” which can skew the overall number of entities from a particular region. As a result, Fishman argues the Intercept’s claim that the DOI list is biased toward marginalized and vulnerable populations is “misleading” and “inaccurate.”

Fishman told FOX Business in a statement that Facebook has a team of more than 350 specialists focused on removing dangerous organizations from its platforms and looking out for emerging threats.

“While we ban thousands of organizations, including over 250 white supremacist groups, under these rules, we also update this list as new ones emerge,” he said. “This is an adversarial space, so we try to be as transparent as possible, while also prioritizing security, limiting legal risks and preventing opportunities for groups to get around our rules.”

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