Soldiers File Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandate

DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Matthew Orr, U.S. Marine Corps/Released

Two U.S. servicemen have filed a lawsuit against the Defense Department to exempt those with COVID-19 antibodies from a mandatory vaccine order for the military.

Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Robert and Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Hollie Mulvihill filed a lawsuit on August 17 seeking an exemption for service members who have already contracted and recovered from COVID-19, according to

“Service members that have natural immunity, developed from surviving the virus, should be granted a medical exception from compulsory vaccination because the DoD instruction policy reflects the well-established understanding that prior infection provides the immune system’s best possible response to the virus,” the lawsuit states.

The pair filed a request for an injunction to block the vaccine mandate last week as the Pentagon moves forward with vaccinating all unvaccinated service members.

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