Journalist Unverified on Twitter Following CRT Reporting

An investigative journalist was unverified on Twitter shortly after beginning an investigation into Critical Race Theory in Big Tech.

Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and reporter at City Journal, was informed via email that his Twitter account had been unverified. In the same timespan, Rufo received an alert from Google that his inbox had fallen victim to a “government-backed attack.”

“In the past week, Google has sent me an alert about a ‘government-backed attack’ against my email system and Twitter has unverified my account — just as I began my investigative reporting on critical race theory in Big Tech,” Rufo tweeted. “Strange timing, to say the least.”

Twitter’s email to Rufo stated that his account no longer met the criteria for verification. According to Twitter’s policy, verified accounts must be “authentic,” “notable,” and “active.”

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