Afghans are Allegedly Selling Their Children for Food

Gage Skidmore via ( Flickr

As Biden was limping his way through his Afghanistan withdrawal, the country’s economy understandably began to tank. Afghans resorted to selling their belongings to make ends meet. Two weeks later, many are out of trinkets to sell. What’s next?

“I would prefer to die than be reduced to selling my daughter,” Mir Nazir, 38, told The Times . “But my own death wouldn’t save anyone in my family. Who would feed my other children? This isn’t about choice. It’s about desperation.” Nazir worked as a police officer in the town of Ghani, but lost his job and fled to Kabul with his wife and five children days before the Taliban took over Kabul. Nazir claims that his rent in Kabul is more than his current wages, and his family is hungry.

“I received an offer from a shop owner, a man I knew had no children,” Nazir continued. “He offered 20,000 afghans [Afghan currency, AFN] for my daughter Safia to live with him and work in his shop. If I ever get the 20,000 Afghans to buy her back, he said I could. But I can’t sell my daughter for that low a price, so I asked for 50,000. We are still discussing. She may have a better future working in a shop than staying with me, and the price may save my family.”

50,000 AFN is roughly $576.43

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