VA Department of Education Gives Terrible Advice, Immediately Retracts

Touch Of Light via ( Wikimedia Commons

The Virginia Department of Education released a guide instructing teachers to keep quiet about 9/11 during this year’s 20th anniversary of the terror attack. This guide was almost immediately withdrawn after insane backlash.

From Townhall:  

Recently, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) posted a video to their YouTube account from Amaarah DeCuir, a lecturer at American University. The video, which has since been removed without explanation, not only focused on “culturally responsive and inclusive lessons” to do with 9/11, but stated it was “not going to reproduce what’s understood as American exceptionalism.”

The video in question was titled “Culturally Responsive and Inclusive 9/11 Commemoration.”

Notes from those who have seen the video highlight that there is an attempt to get rid of the idea of Muslim Responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. “We’re not going to reproduce a false assumption of Muslim responsibility for 9/11. We’re just going to begin right there and name that there is no responsibility and therefore we’re not going to use this space to try and untangle this,” DeCuir says at one point, as highlighted by Parents Defending Education.

DeCuir tells teachers not to use “terrorist,” but rather “name it as an attack caused by extremists.” She also tells teachers, “Do not use this day to amplify the extremists themselves and don’t use this day to amplify their acts on 9/11. You name what happened and that’s it,”  claiming “there’s no need to provide details.”

This type of thing was especially shocking to see in the state of Virginia. The state borders DC and the Pentagon is inside the state of Virginia.