State Department Lies About Rescuing Americans Stuck in Afghanistan

Gage Skidmore via ( Flickr

The State Department has been caught in a major lie in relation to a story about saving several Americans who are trapped in Afghanistan.

From PJ Media: 

An American mom and her three children made a perilous overland trip to a neighboring country to escape the Taliban after being left behind by Joe Biden’s state department. The state department immediately took credit for the rescue operation.

In a statement, one U.S. official said “We have facilitated the departure of four American citizens from Afghanistan via an overland route. Our Embassy greeted the Americans as they crossed the border into the third country.”

The problem with that statement is that it is total fiction. The Biden administration is actively working with the Taliban to prevent private rescues of U.S. citizens. David Rohde, the executive editor at The New Yorker said that “It is the State Department and the White House” holding up the planes. He explained that the civilian effort has been “far more ambitious, far more dynamic and far more successful than what the administration has been doing,” according to Fox News.

The real story is that the American mother, a woman known as Mariam, and her three children tried and failed to evacuate the country by plane at two different airports. Each time the family tried to leave, the Taliban blocked their exit. The last time they tried to leave via airplane, a Taliban soldier stuck his gun in her face and told her not to come back.

The disaster in Afghanistan has only been made worse by the Biden Administrations’ constant efforts to cover up the story and hide the facts, these lies are only further worsening the situation.


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