New Terror Threats Emerge After Afghan Withdrawal

A Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II taxis during a combat exercise at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, May 1, 2019. The active duty 388th Fighter Wing and Reserve 419th FW, along with F-16 Fighting Falcon units from Holloman AFB, N.M. and Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, conducted an integrated combat exercise where maintainers were tasked to continually provide ready aircraft and pilots to take off in waves to simulate a large force engagement with enemy aircraft. / Photo by Robert Sullivan

New terror threats are coming to light after the Afghanistan withdrawal turned into a disaster. It has become very difficult to identify terror threats in the Middle East now that we have withdrawn from the region and the government of Afghanistan has collapsed.

From Fox News: 

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said there is “no question” that it will be “more difficult” to identify terror threats in the wake of withdrawing all U.S. military assets from Afghanistan, but he assured that officials are working to further develop capabilities to prevent the development of threats to the U.S. homeland.

During a press conference in Qatar, Austin acknowledged the challenge after U.S. troops and intelligence assets were fully withdrawn from Afghanistan last week following a 20-year presence.

“Well, there’s no question that it will be more difficult to identify and engage threats that emanate from the region, but we’re committed to making sure that that threats are not allowed to develop … that could create significant challenges for us in the homeland,” Austin said.

Austin went on to explain that the U.S. “already” has “robust capabilities in the region” but said it looks to “improve them on a daily basis.

These new terror threats could come in the form of a new terror organization or an old group planning a major attack, in our current state we may not know until it is too late.


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