Biden Administration Lost 1 in 3 Illegal Alien Children

Tony Webster via ( Flickr

The Biden administration has dropped the ball on another major issue, immigration. Many of those coming over the southern border are children, and the Biden Administration keeps losing track of them.

From PJ Media:

There were more than 65,000 illegal alien children who arrived at the U.S. border between January and May and according to a report in Axios, HHS care providers were unable to reach one in three of the kids following their release.

The kids were supposed to be released into the care of a relative or government-approved sponsor, but the massive number of children being held by HHS in makeshift shelters, along with the political pressure on the Biden administration to release the children from U.S. custody, may have put thousands of vulnerable children in danger.

By law, the kids could not be held in U.S. custody longer than 72 hours. And yet, many thousands of children were housed in tents set up by HHS as they waited for a relative or designated sponsor to pick them up.

Therein lies the danger for these children. While “sponsors” were supposed to be thoroughly vetted by the government to make sure the children would be placed in safe environments. However, there was enormous pressure to move the children through the system so they wouldn’t become a political issue to attack the Biden administration, which means that the HHS had to largely contract out the process of finding a sufficient number of qualified sponsors.

Child trafficking is a major issue in the United States and human trafficking is common along the border. Sadly, many of those children who have gone missing may be in the hands of child traffikers.