North Korea Restarts Nuclear Program

North Korea has officially restarted its nuclear program. Kim Jong-un is looking to capitalize off of Biden’s failures in the Middle East and the international stage.

From Townhall:

While the Biden administration has been mired in multiple crises at home and in other parts of the world, North Korea, it appears, has fired up one of its nuclear reactors capable of producing weapons-grade material needed for nuclear weapons.

According to a new International Atomic Energy Agency report issued last week, an experimental nuclear power plant and radiochemical laboratory in Yongbyon — about 65 miles north of Pyongyang — shows signs of reactivation after a period of dormancy.

“There were no indications of reactor operation from early December 2018 to the beginning of July 2021,” the watchdog report explains. “However, since early July 2021, there have been indications, including the discharge of cooling water, consistent with the operation of the reactor.”

For those keeping track at home, North Korea’s apparent discontinuation of nuclear activity in 2018 followed then-President Trump’s June 2018 meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore aimed at denuclearization. And it seems the ceased operations continued just long enough for North Korea to judge President Biden’s administration and conclude that it could resume work on its nuclear program.

While President Trump was in office he was able to open relations with both the Taliban and North Korea, he was able to negotiate with both regimes and come to terms. It is clear that these regimes see Biden as weak, Kim Jong-un refused to speak with Biden and the Taliban have disrespected this administration at every step of the withdrawal.