Interpreter Left Behind Shares His Thoughts

An American Interpreter in Afghanistan who was left behind by the Biden Administration is speaking out. The female interpreter is an American citizen and told the media that she was not informed when the last flight was and is now stranded in the country.

From The Daily Wire:

On Monday night, an American citizen who worked as an interpreter for the American military in Afghanistan but was left behind by President Biden told CNN, “I don’t believe in anybody anymore.” She added, “I just can’t believe no one told me that this is the last flight.”

The woman, who spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, used the pseudonym “Sara.” She had previously told CNN that she fed and took care of 19 children in her house, two of them disabled. She started the interview with Cuomo saying:

I just found out that they left. And I was just silent for a little while. And I just went walk around the rooms. And I saw the young kids are sleeping. And they have no clue what happened this morning that the last flight is gone, and we are left behind. It’s heartbreaking to see that.

With all this, what’s going on, no one heard us that we are in danger, and we need to be safe. It’s just heartbreaking. I don’t know — I just don’t even know what to say to you. And what – whoever was trying to help me and support me, even they did not tell me that the flight is – this is the last flight. So, I still had hope that we will leave. If not all of them are kids, some kids, and some mother, who had disabled kids, I had hope for them, at least they can leave.

This interpreter has worked with the US Military for a long time and was completely abandoned by the Biden Administration.


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