2 Dozen California Children Were Abandoned In Afghanistan

In the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan many Americans were left behind, many of those who were left were officials or had family in the area, but we are now finding out that 2 dozen American children were abandoned in Kabul.

From the Daily Wire:

More than two dozen children from California are trapped inside Afghanistan following the Biden administration’s pullout from the country this week.

The San Juan Unified School District told news organizations on Wednesday that 27 students were still stuck in Afghanistan.

Reports indicate that the number is down significantly from the approximately 150 children from the area who were thought to be trapped in the country in recent days.

The news comes as hundreds of Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan and the Biden administration left behind “the majority of Afghan interpreters and others who applied for visas to flee Afghanistan, a senior State Department official said on Wednesday, despite frantic efforts to evacuate those at risk of Taliban retribution in the final weeks of the airlift,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “The U.S. still doesn’t have reliable data on who was evacuated, nor for what type of visas they may qualify, the official said, but initial assessments suggested most visa applicants didn’t make it through the crush at the airport.”

The stories coming out of Afghanistan are brutal. The Biden Administration has dropped the ball at every turn during this withdrawal.


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