State Department Still Unsure How Many Americans Were Left Behind

State Department Photo by Ron Przysucha / Public Domain

Biden’s State Department is still not sure exactly how many Americans were left behind in Kabul after the final plane departed from the region. The withdrawal is over according to the administration, for those that are left they will likely not receive any help from the United States.

From Townhall: 

Joe Biden’s ignominious withdrawal from Afghanistan is over — if you believe the last military aircraft departing Afghan airspace means it’s over. But it’s not.

Sure, the military’s presence in Afghanistan is over, but Biden ended the military mission before the withdrawal was complete. There are still Americans — who President Biden had promised he’d bring home before withdrawing troops — and Afghan allies in the country without any clear means to evacuate.

Now there are no U.S. troops in Afghanistan and all we know is that there are at least “hundreds” of Americans — according to the Pentagon — left behind in a country run by Taliban terrorists and filled with ISIS-K and Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Speaking two hours later than scheduled on Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken offered little assurances for what would become of American citizens and the Afghans who risked their lives and futures to help the United States over the last two decades. Instead, he bragged about the State Department’s “extraordinary efforts” to evacuate those who wished to leave.

America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has been nothing short of disastrous. The administration has dropped the ball at every corner and Americans have died as a result.