Department of Education Cracking Down on Unmasked Children

George C. Marshall H.S. entrance, Falls Church, VA / G. Edward Johnson via ( Wikipedia Commons

The Department of Education plans to crack down on those children in public schools who are not wearing their masks. The DOE is launching investigations into several states that have rejected the mask mandates suggested by the Biden Administration.

From PJ Media: 

In case you were under the impression that every government institution isn’t irreparably infiltrated by liberty-hating scum, I regret to inform you that the Department of Education has launched an obviously political hit-job disguised as an “investigation” into the last five free states in America for rejecting mask mandates for schoolchildren. It’s not enough for our overlords that a vast majority of the United States forces kindergartners to inhale their own carbon dioxide through snot-filled rags for six hours a day, but every single state must comply with the unscientific masking mandates to stop the spread of COVID—or they will be punished with lawfare and government agency-directed witch hunts.

For the record, there isn’t one current study that shows masking had any effect on the transmission of the virus. In fact, the CDC was caught with its pants down after hiding the fact that one of its own studies showed that masks in schools don’t do anything significant to “slow the spread”of COVID. But you are to ignore the facts in favor of the feelings of hysterical people who want to control you and what you wear on your face for the rest of your life because… just do it, peasant! 

There are only five free states left in America: Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah. These five states are being targeted by the federal government for “civil rights” violations. That’s right! The government has decided that not forcing you to wear a mask violates the civil rights of immunocompromised students or something. It is absolutely absurd. Not only that, but it is a massive overreach by the federal government into states’ rights. There is little more clearly the responsibility of the states than how it administers education to the students in its domain.

And I guffawed out loud when I read that the Department of Education goons who are attempting this intimidation shakedown of the last free states in America claimed they suddenly care about “in-person” education. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…don’t make me choke on my own bitter tears. It is terrible buffoonery to claim that anyone in our federal government cares about “in-person” education after they spent a year and a half demanding everyone stay home and belittling anyone who said children were suffering from the separation from their teachers and friends. The parents like me who sounded warning bells in 2020 were mercilessly attacked as selfish grandmother-killers. I recall this vividly. But now the government wants you to believe it cares deeply about face-to-face education. Sure.

This is not the first time the Biden Administration has moved in on our educational institutions. America’s educational infrastructure is not only broken but it is also curropt to a point where many feel they need to put their children in private schools. Look no further than the teacher’s unions that constantly preach far left, Marxist values to students and faculty.