Biden Administration Blows Up 6 Children in Retaliatory Drone Strike

Gage Skidmore via ( Flickr

The Biden Administration conducted a set of retaliatory drone strikes in the middle east after the bombings in Kabul. These strikes took down two members of ISIS leadership and 10 innocent people including 6 children.

From PJ Media:

In the aftermath of the deadly suicide attack in Kabul that killed 13 U.S. service members, the Biden administration ordered a drone hit on a car suspected of carrying a member of ISIS-K. It ended up killing a large family.

The BBC has reportedly confirmed that the tragic mistake killed ten members of one family, six of whom were kids.The oldest was 12-year-old Farzad; the youngest was a two-year-old girl named Sumaya.

American military bigwigs claimed there were “significant secondary explosions” after the drone strike, indicating there were explosives at the scene that may have harmed people nearby.

Another relative, Emal Ahmadi, claimed the two-year-old girl was his daughter. He also said he and others in the family had applied to be evacuated to the United States.

The Biden Administration has made numerous mistakes during the withdrawal and it would seem that President Biden is following in Barack Obama’s footsteps in regards to drone strikes.


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