Soros-Watch: Colorado Secretary of State Blocks Future Election Audits

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The Soros-backed Colorado Secretary of State has just blocked any future Arizona style election audits in this state. This means that there will never be any third-party election audits in the state.

From PJ Media:

Colorado Politics reported on Friday that Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold “is permanently adopting the emergency rules rolled out earlier this summer to block future efforts at an Arizona-style “forensic audit” conducted by a third party.”

How’s that for restoring people’s faith in election integrity?

Left unsaid: Exactly how a third-party audit is either a sham or would put the state’s “election security” at risk.

While Griswold’s rules would prevent potentially shady people who haven’t passed a background check from accessing voting machines, they would also block trusted “third parties, such as the Cyber Ninjas firm brought in by Republicans in the Arizona state Senate,” according to Colorado Politics.

The debate over election integrity has been raging on ever since the 2020 election, despite a vast majority of American’s wanting more secure elections Washington has moved to make America’s elections less secure and take power away from localities.

George Soros has also moved to backing smaller elections across the country. Jena Griswold is not the only Soros-backed candidate in America to make a major impact on local policy, many of America’s biggest cities host Soros-backed figures that are making a major difference.


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