VICE Releases Article Claiming Many Marines are Nazis as Bombs Rock Kabul

LCPL Nathan Heusdens, USMC

VICE Media released an article that referred to many of America’s Marines as Nazis just as reports came in that several service members were killed by the bombing in Kabul.

From the Daily Wire: 

“While many vets are being outed as far-right extremists, one branch keeps popping up when it comes to neo-Nazis: the United States Marine Corps,” Vice claimed.

“The Corps reported to NPR in April that it had, in ​​the past three years alone, found 16 cases of extremism within its ranks,” Vice said. According to the NPR report, the 16 “ties” to “extremism” were linked “mostly” to “postings on social media.”

“Though these numbers account for only a tiny fraction of those Marines who enlist and serve,” Vice admitted, before adding, “the problem is worth noting, especially given the USMC’s past.”

The piece then said “at least seven former Marines have openly avowed or been identified with neo-Nazism or the extreme right, with some allegedly involved in planned terrorist acts.” The “extreme right” is not defined.

VICE media took down the tweet promoting the article almost immediately after it had went out. In all likelihood this was a mistake on part of VICE, the company likely wrote the article over a week ago and had a program release the article onto Twitter on the day the bombs took place. This is evident by the companies immediate retraction of the article.


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