Democrat Candidate Forgot to Sign Campaign Form, is he Disqualified?

Edward Kimmel via ( Wikimeida Commons

Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe forgot to sign an import campaign form and not many are wondering if he is actually a candidate or if he is out of the race because of this error.

From the Daily Wire: 

Terry McAuliffe has spent decades in the public eye, previously served as governor of Virginia, and is now locked in a dead-heat race to retake the governor’s mansion.

But his ambitions could be derailed in the form of the most unlikely setback imaginable: The former Clinton moneyman allegedly forgot to sign his “statement of candidacy” form, potentially making him ineligible, according to a legal challenge filed Thursday by the Republican Party of Virginia.

Worse, the form includes two signatures from witnesses attesting that they saw him sign it — something that would seem to be impossible since he did not sign it.

The law, the complaint said, is that “Only a person fulfilling all the requirements of a candidate shall have his name printed on the ballot for the election.” Early voting for the race, in which he faces off against Republican Glenn Youngkin, begins on September 17.

Virginia is in the middle of a tight race as Republican Glenn Youngkin and former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe battle it out for the governorship.