Democrats and Republican no Longer have Faith in the Biden Administration

ttarasiuk via ( Flickr

Recently, two US Representatives took a trip to Kabul to personally look over the situation. Representatives Seth Moulton (D) and Peter Meijer (R) went to Kabul in total secrecy to personally access the situation. These actions go to show just how much faith they have in the Biden administration.

From PJ Media: 

The two took it upon themselves to make a secret trip to Kabul to find out what’s really going on at the besieged airport. Before we get to what they saw and learned on the ground there, consider what their trip truly means.

The Biden White House has bungled communications since Afghanistan began to collapse a fortnight ago. Actually, “bungled” isn’t strong enough a term. At first Biden, Jen Psaki et al. simply let all of the alarming emails and messages they were getting as Afghanistan fell go to autoresponse. They didn’t pick up the phone. They failed to communicate, then lied, gaslit, condescended, played word games, lied some more, and are always trying to spin while also always failing to lead. It’s quite a spectacle.

With each passing day, as the Biden White House puts optics ahead of operations, trust erodes among the American people and thinking members of Congress. Two of those, Moulton (D) and Meijer (R), decided that they’d had enough spin and that it was time to see Kabul for themselves.

That’s how little trust there is between some members of Congress and the Biden White House now. None. They would rather put themselves into harm’s way in the most dangerous city on earth than listen to another Psaki bomb.

Both Representatives who went to Kabul are military veterans and have a good understanding of the region and its many forces. It is embarrassing that these two had to go personally fly to Afghanistan to understand what is going on.