Bow Control? Australian Town Moves in on Archery Ban

Ivan Radic via ( Flickr

On town in Australia is looking to ban bows and arrows in an effort to curb crime. This story comes as proponents of American gun control attempt to push new and extreme laws.

From FullMagNews:

Not the Onion, the small town Aurukun is looking to ban bows and arrows as a result of rising crime rates. This sounds an awful lot like the knife bans being instituted in the United Kingdom and the gun control measures pushed for by the American Left. This article could have easily been a parody meant to mock these other groups, but unfortunately, this is a very real story.

The Aurukun Shire council has been holding a debate as to whether or not they should ban archery equipment, proponents of this hypothetical ban say that these bows and arrows could be used as instruments of crime. Sadly, not many on the council are opposed to the ban, the issue they are facing is a legal one.

This small town does not know if they can ban bows and arrows legally, they are trying to see if the state government will let them do it but it is unclear if they will actually be able to enact this ban.

While we are all laughing now, understand that this very well could be our future here in the United States if the gun-grabbers get their way.

Gun control will never end, it starts with guns but as we see in the UK and now Australia it can get a lot worse.