America’s Allies Halt All Flights out of Kabul

U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Russell Gilchrest

Following the tragic bombings in Kabul this morning almost all of the flights coming in and out of the airport have been halted. America’s allies have been shaken by the new terror threat in the region and will not be continuing evacuation efforts at this time.

From PJ Media: 

Several European countries say they’ve halted evacuations from Kabul’s airport because the U.S. needs time to organize their final withdrawal from Afghanistan by August 31.

Meanwhile, there are still thousands — perhaps tens of thousands — of Afghans who assisted NATO forces during the occupation and are being left to die.

And it’s not just Afghan citizens, says the Wall Street Journal. The Taliban have blocked all roads to the airport and are not letting anyone through — even if they have a passport from a Western country.

Thousands of Western citizens and permanent residents are still stranded in Afghanistan, and many fear that they will now be abandoned to face possible Taliban retribution. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday that approximately 1,500 American citizens were still in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and that Washington was in touch with some 500 of them, trying to organize evacuations.

The US withdrawal has been nothing short of a disaster, America’s enemies are emboldened by the withdrawal and now even more so following the bombings. The future is uncertain, but as this story continues to develop we will have a better idea of where things are going.