University Kicks Out Unvaccinated Students

Maryland GovPics via ( Flickr

The University of Virginia has decided to kick out several students who did not comply with the schools new vaccination requirements.

From the Virginia Pilot: 

The University of Virginia disenrolled 238 students ahead of its fall semester for noncompliance with the school’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

Of that number, 49 were enrolled in fall courses — meaning that “a good number” of the remaining students “may not have been planning to return to the University this fall at all,” U.Va. spokesperson Brian Coy said in an email to The Virginian-Pilot.

The students were disenrolled after “receiving multiple reminders via email, text, phone calls, calls to parents that they were out of compliance and had until yesterday to update their status,” Coy said.

Disenrolled students can reenroll if they comply with U.Va.’s vaccine requirement or file an exemption by Aug. 25. They can also return during the spring semester, provided they are vaccinated or exempt by then.

While many of these students had already planned to not return to the University there were many who can not return as a result of this new policy.

The debate over Covid-19 vaccine policy rages on, some speculate that the government will move in to require it for all Americans, major pharmaceutical companies are moving to create more vaccines and booster shots. It is unclear what will happen next, but right now no one is happy with the way things are being handled.


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