Biden Helped Evacuate the French Embassy but Left Americans Behind

Screenshot via ABC News

President Biden admitted in a recent press conference that his administration had quickly moved to help the French evacuate their embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. This comment upset many as the Biden administration has failed to evacuate many Americans who are still stuck in Taliban controlled Kabul.

From the Daily Caller: 

President Joe Biden boasted during a press conference Friday that his administration supported the evacuation of the French embassy in Kabul while at the same time American citizens are being told the U.S. government cannot escort them to the airport.

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul informed American citizens on Thursday that the Biden administration “cannot ensure safe passage to the airport.” The message came one day after Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the U.S. military lacks the capability to escort Americans trapped behind enemy lines to the airport.

However, the Biden administration did have the capability to provide support to a convoy of hundreds of French people from their embassy to the airport, the president said Friday.

“We’re also facilitating flights for our allies and our partners, and working in close operational coordination with NATO on this evacuation. For example, we provided overwatch for the French convoy bringing hundreds of people from the French embassy to the airport,” Biden said. “These operations are going to continue in the coming days before we complete our drawdown.”

The Biden administration is currently claiming that Americans in the country should not face any issues trying to get to the airport in Kabul as they have made a deal with the Taliban to let Americans leave unharmed. This claim has fallen under scrutiny after ti was revealed that numerous Americans have been assaulted and stopped on their way to the airport.