Is Math Racist? This Professor Thinks So

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University of Michigan Professor Deborah Ball believes that the subject of math is racist. Ball appeared on the EdFox podcast to explain just how racist math is.

From PJ Media:

Ball stated that mathematics is “dominated by Whiteness and racism.” She went on to declare her frustration at her colleagues who don’t buy into her embarrassing, lefty nonsense that addition and subtraction are bursting with white supremacy. Would she be happy if we changed algebra to algebro?

Ball went on to say that “it’s difficult to figure out how to surface and unpack the ways that mathematics, for example, is a harbor for whiteness.” It’s difficult to surface and unpack because it’s feather-headed nonsense for mostly white teachers who need to virtue signal their woke-itude. These are the people teaching our kids how to think.

Ball co-wrote an article for the Detroit Free Press in which she argued that racism, not personal behavior, accounts for the out-of-proportion suspension rates of minority kids. The article then goes on to hit every point on the woke checklist:

“The curriculum has also been unsafe. It has detached students of color, LGBTQIA+ students and multilingual children as they learn that they are not ‘normal.’  The images, knowledge, people and values that permeate history, science and art, as well as mathematics, language and text are harmful. They distort the experiences of Indigenous people, of Black communities and of immigrant groups. They re-inscribe whiteness, heteronormativity and English as normal and desirable.”

The University of Michigan endorsed these views when they shared the podcast on their official social media channels.

This is not the first time the left has floated math as being racist. Back in February, Oregon’s Department of Education released a memo detailing how teachers could fight racism in math. The prime example in the memo was “the concept of mathematics being purely objective.” This means to say that mathematics is not objective and that it is instead  subjective, but this statement also alludes to the idea that objectivity is inherently racist.


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