CNN Says Taliban Seem Friendly Despite Chanting Death to America

Screenshot via CNN

CNN’s Clarissa Ward was reporting live from Afghanistan when she pointed out that the people were chanting Death to America but also made sure to say that they seemed friendly.

From PJ Media: 

Snark aside, before we really get into this one, absolutely no one should disregard or dismiss even for a moment Ward’s bravery.

She’s not only reporting from a warzone, Ward is reporting from a losing warzone. Ward is a woman reporting from a losing warzone controlled by anti-Western Islamic zealots who have been known to rape female reporters for sport.

So let’s give Ward the respect that she’s due.

Still, it’s difficult to understand this statement she made — unless you have some small understanding of just how strange warzones are.

The future of Afghanistan is unclear, the Taliban have managed to take over the country within just a few days of the American withdraw and there are many Americans stuck in the country as the Biden administration has failed to prioritize their evacuation.