American Express Diversity Training Slammed

Marcus Quigmire from Florida, USA via ( Flickr

American Express was slammed by Forbes magazine editor-in-chief, Steve Forbes, for its new diversity training program.

Companies across the US are taking up new CRT based diversity training programs despite the fact that many in America are pushing back against this type of training. Forbes magazine editor-in-chief, Steve Forbes, was one of the first to slam American Express for the new training.

From The Daily Wire: 

Steve Forbes — the editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine — warned about the implications of countries like American Express participating in divisive diversity training.

As The Daily Wire’s Chrissy Clark reported on Thursday, whistleblower documents reveal that American Express — a financial services company that earned $2.3 billion in profits last quarter — welcomed the grandson of the Nation of Islam’s founder to discuss the evils of capitalism with employees.

The New York Post published portions of Dr. Khalil Muhammad’s lecture about “race in corporate America.” He blamed the plight of black America on “systemic racism” and said that American Express must do more to address its relationship with “racial capitalism.”

“So, I first say that American Express has to do its own digging about how it sits in relationship to this history of racial capitalism,” Muhammad argued. “We didn’t get to the wealth gap by virtue of a series of bad decisions and bad decisions and bad parenting by black boys, black people. We got there through exploitative extractive systemic racism.”


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