Is it Sexist to Call a Woman Nice?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Vogue Magazine that it is sexist to describe her as “Nice.”

From The Daily Caller: 

Psaki likened being called “nice” to the sound of “nails on a chalkboard.”

“I was introduced to a foreign delegation in the hallway the other day as ‘This is Jen. You may have seen her do the briefings. She’s a really nice person.’ I’m like, really?” Psaki told the outlet. “You can’t think of a better description?”

Psaki continued, saying it’s “sexist and a little diminishing” to describe her as “nice.”

“It’s also this desire to put people in a box,” she added. “Yes, sometimes I’m friendly and joyful, and sometimes I’m tough, and sometimes I’m straightforward.”

Other takeaways from Psaki’s interview with Vogue are just as strange. Psaki was praised for not lashing out at the media for spreading easily disprovable disinformation as press secretary’s under the Trump administration has done. Vogue also praised Psaki for having developed a “personable rapport” with the press.


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