Colorado Rockies Confirms That a Fan did not use a Racial Slur

Colorado Rockies Mascot Dinger / Photo by Paul L Dineen via ( Flickr

An investigation was launched after a fan yelled something on live TV during a Colorado Rockies game, what many thought they heard was the fan calling a player a racial slur.

Many believed that the fan had yelled the “N-word” at a player, and it sure sounds like it if you listen to the tape. It was discovered though that the fan had yelled “Dinger.” Dinger is the name of the team’s mascot, a purple triceratops that is covered in polka-dots.

Just because the incident has been cleared up does not mean that the man who called for the mascot is out of hot water. The man who called for the mascot was subject to a massive online witch hunt with many claiming that they would hurt the man if they got a hold of him and others were looking to get the individual fired if he was doxxed.