Journalist Misses the Last Lockdown, Demands Another

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Journalist Michael Venutili-Mantovani wrote a piece for The Guardian that goes into great detail about how he wants the lockdown to return and how he misses the joys of the last lockdown.

From The Guardian:

When I walked out of my town’s massive conference center in early April, a second Pfizer shot fresh in my arm, a flood of emotions swelled in me. Creeping behind the feelings of joy and anticipation, I felt a strange bit of sadness that, all the way home, I could not shake. When I walked into my house and my three-year-old dashed into my arms, it hit me.

I think I’m going to miss being locked down, I realised, in disbelief.

I recognise that my sadness came from a place of privilege; I have my life, my health and my work, in addition to the ability to so easily get vaccinated against this virus. I realise that not everyone has been as lucky as me. Getting the vaccine was a relief. Yet it also seemed to signify the loss of something safe. Had the lockdown rendered me ill-equipped to deal with the world at large? Or was I simply unable to process the emotional whiplash of a return to society?

Most Americans can not even stomach the idea of returning to the lockdown, many were left unemployed as a result of the lockdown and many missed out on major moments in the lives of their children.


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