Will Schools That Adopted Critical Race Theory Reform?

jdog90 via (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/) Flickr

Among the lies and controversies surrounding school districts that have fully adopted Critical Race Theory is a question, will these institutions revert to teaching a normal curriculum?

The quick answer is no, these schools know exactly what they are doing and many have instructed students to lie to their parents about the content of the curriculum.

From The Federalist: 

A funny thing happened when students began remote learning during lockdown: parents started paying attention to what their kids were being taught. Many were not pleased with what they discovered. They felt betrayed by the system to which they had entrusted their kids and their money. Quite a few are fighting back, much to the chagrin of teachers’ unions, administrators and their political allies.

One flashpoint of this war has been Loudoun County, Virginia, a place known for being incredibly prosperous and increasingly Democrat. Yet since May, this Democrat stronghold has been wracked by conflict over critical race theory curricula and an “equity plan” the Loudoun County School Board proposed in October that would silence teachers’ speech even outside the classroom. The school board’s reaction, played out on national television, has been predictable: utter disdain for those who dare to disagree with them.

Loudoun County parents seem to be gaining ground; the battle has progressed to the point opponents are within striking distance of being able to recall several members of the school board. The efforts of these citizens (especially through the yeoman’s work of Fight for Schools, a non-partisan political action committee headed by a Loudoun County parent) have inspired other similar skirmishes in school districts throughout the country.