Biden Administration Signals Return of the Lockdown

The Biden Administration is signaling its support for bringing back the economy crippling lockdown from last year.

During a recent press briefing, the White House announced that they will be bringing back the lockdown so long as the CDC recommends it. This means that the ball is in the court of unelected bureaucrats.

From The Daily Wire: 

The Biden administration signaled during Thursday’s White House press briefing that it is willing to return to lockdowns and school closures if the CDC and other experts recommend those strategies for stopping the spread of COVID-19.

“President Biden says that we are not returning to lockdowns, shutdowns, and school closures, but he also once said that we didn’t have to wear masks anymore once we were vaccinated,” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy said. “So why should Americans trust him that?”

Well, because we listen to the scientists, we listened to the expert[s],” Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. “This is a public health situation. This is not about politics at all. This is about saving lives. And this is what the President is all about. He wants to make sure that we are saving lives. If you look at … the last six months. That’s what he’s done, every day. And you see that in the numbers. Now we’re at a point where we have to double down and make it very, very clear to people that we can’t, we can’t let the pandemic win, we have to continue to fight.”

“So, if you’re listening to the scientists, if scientists come to you at some point down the line and say it is our opinion that there should be shutdowns and there should be school closures, you would do that?” Doocy pressed.


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