A Prosecutor Branded This Bar Owner A Racist, Now he’s Dead

Jospeee P via (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/) Flickr

A Marine Corps Veteran and Bar Owner in Omaha, Nebraska has committed suicide after being branded a racist by the local prosecutor. Jake Gardner shot and killed a rioter during one of the many riots that took place in 2020 while defending his bar, he was swiftly labeled a racist by the media and a local prosecutor.

Now Gardner’s family is suing the prosecutor.

From The Daily Wire: 

Gardner fatally shot an anti-police rioter, 22-year-old James Scurlock, during a struggle outside of his bar last May.

Gardner was initially cleared of all charges after it was determined that he acted in self-defense. However, following unrest largely because of the races of Scurlock, who is black, and Gardner, who is white, the DA appointed special prosecutor Fred Franklin and a grand jury, hoping “it would restore public faith in the justice system,” NPR reported.

Franklin, who said he initially thought Gardner acted in self-defense, agreed with the grand jury and announced in September that Gardner was indicted on charges of manslaughter, attempted first-degree assault, terroristic threats, and use of a firearm in connection with a felony.

One week later, Gardner committed suicide.



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