Hunter Biden’s ‘Art’ Dealer has Chinese Ties

Hunter Biden has moved from working in the petroleum industry to making and selling art. These deals have fallen under scrutiny as many believe this could be an influence peddling scheme, many have gone to this conclusion because of  Hunter Biden’s past dealing in other countries while his father was the Vice President.

Recently it has been revealed that the art dealer who works with Hunter Biden has a series of connection to China.

From the New York Post:

Biden’s new dealer, who opened his Soho gallery in 2015, is tight-lipped about his galleries in New York and Berlin, which are reportedly frequented by Spike Lee, Dave Chapelle and Susan Sarandon as well as international titans of industry.

“He’s got this Woody Allen look to him … He’s crazy in a good way,” one artist who’s worked with Berges told The Post.

Berges, 44, regularly features works by Chinese artists and told a Chinese network that he was keen to open other art galleries in Beijing and Shanghai in 2015. “The questions that I always had was how’s China changing the world in terms of art and culture,” Berges told the China Daily in 2014.

Berges was accused of defrauding an investor in a 2016 federal lawsuit. Ingrid Arneberg claims she invested $500,000 in Berges’ gallery for a promised expansion, but instead he used the cash to pay off old debts. Berges later countersued Arneberg, and the case was settled in 2018.


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