ESPN Writer gets Triggered Over American Flag at Olympics

ESPN writer William Rhoden came out to say that he was triggered at the sight of the American flag while covering the Olympic games.

Rhoden took issue with the “nationalism” that the flag represented and said that the flag had reminded him of the January 6th Capitol riot and the rise of White Nationalism.

From Fox News:

Liberal “Undefeated” scribe William Rhoden said on “CBS This Morning” that he had enjoyed covering the Olympics during his long career but felt differently in 2021.

“I love the opening ceremonies, march of countries. Then I realized, you know, man, particularly after these last four years, I had it wrong. Nationalism is not good. We’ve seen the rise of White nationalism. Nationalism is not good,” he said in a clip flagged by NewsBusters. “And also, this whole idea — I keep thinking back on the Capitol riots, and I saw a lot of, you know, U.S. flags.”

“So now when I see the flag and the flag raised, what — what America am I living in? You know, are the ones that don’t think, you know, we should be here?” he went on, referring to him and other African Americans.

It was unclear if Rhoden was suggesting some of Team USA’s Olympic delegation may secretly harbor racist views.


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