Salt Lake City Officials Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis

Officials in Salt Lake City, Utah have declared racism to be a public health crisis. This declaration was made via a joint statement from the city council and mayor Erin Mendenhall.

Salt Lake City is not unique in its declaration, the Biden Administration through the Center for Disease Control(CDC) have declared racism to be a “serious threat to the public’s health.” ‘

More on the story from The Daily Wire: 

“We are publicly acknowledging the existence of a grave inequity many in our community have long experienced, and are committing ourselves to creating policies and ordinances that are anti-racist,” Mendenhall tweeted.

The resolution cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which under the Biden administration declared racism “a serious threat to the public’s health” in April. As The Daily Wire reported at the time, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, made the statement. The CDC’s website was updated to echo the statement, saying, “To build a healthier America for all, we must confront the systems and policies that have resulted in the generational injustice that has given rise to racial and ethnic health inequities.”

“Racism — both interpersonal and structural — negatively affects the mental and physical health of millions of people, preventing them from attaining their highest level of health, and consequently, affecting the health of our nation,” the CDC’s statement on the Racism and Health initiative said.

The Hill noted at the time that the CDC’s insistence that racism is public health threat made it “the largest federal agency to do so.”


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