DOJ Drops Case Against Chinese Researchers who Lied About Military Connection

The Department of Justice is dropping 5 cases related to Chinese researchers who lied about their connections to the Chinese Military. These researchers were likely part of China’s corporate espionage program, these individuals were operating in the United States with the intent of stealing intellectual property and research and sending it back to China.

More on the researchers themselves from The Daily Wire:

According to the outlet, federal prosecutors said in court documents filed late Thursday and Friday that “they would no longer pursue visa fraud and other charges against the scientists, including biomedical and cancer researchers in California and a doctoral candidate studying artificial intelligence in Indiana.”

The WSJ reported: “The academics had been arrested last July in an FBI sweep that began after another researcher, Wang Xin, acknowledged to law enforcement – as he tried to leave the U.S. – that he had lied about his military service on his visa application to boost his chances of gaining admission to the U.S., and had been tasked with bringing back some information by a supervisor.” He had worked in a lab at the University of California-San Francisco.

Dr. Juan Tang, 38, another visiting researcher at the University of California-Davis, was set to go on trial in Sacramento on Monday. After her case was formally dropped on Friday, “Tang had her GPS ankle bracelet removed, her Chinese passport returned and she headed toward a flight home to see her mother, husband and 9-year-old daughter for the first time in a year,” according to the Sacramento Bee. The outlet reported, “The motion by Assistant U.S. Attorney Heiko Coppola gave no reason for seeking the dismissal, and acting U.S. Attorney Phillip Talbert declined to comment.”

According to the WSJ, “Judges had dismissed parts of the cases against Ms. Tang and another researcher in recent weeks after finding that FBI agents hadn’t properly informed them of their rights against self-incrimination when interviewing them.”

China is the number one thief of intellectual property in the world. The Communist Chinese Party(CCP) frequently sends researchers and academics to the United States to steal research and technology, they accomplish this by having these corporate spies claim that they are looking for work or academic advancement.


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