Parents Claim Victory in CRT Fight, Are They Calling it to Soon?

Parents across the country found out about what Critical Race Theory is and how it is being taught to their children, overnight they launched a counteroffensive and almost every school board meeting in America. In terms of grassroots activism, this was truly a sight to behold, but after this slew of wins many are celebrating and declaring victory, they are declaring victory way too soon.

From the Daily Caller: 

Despite the victorious claims of opponents of critical race theory (CRT), the Biden administration still appears to be promoting the concept to public schoolchildren.

Following outcry from conservatives, including members of Congress, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona wrote Friday on the Department of Education’s (DOE) blog, Homeroom, that American History and Civics Education program grants “will not dictate or recommend specific curriculum be introduced or taught in classrooms.” DOE received more than 35,000 public comments from concerned citizens about the rule-making process, The Washington Times reported.

However, he wrote, DOE is still “encourag[ing] projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives” in classroom instruction as part of American History and Civics Education program grants. American History and Civics Education program grants are disbursed by DOE to “improve [the] teaching and learning of American History, government and civics for teachers and students.”

Cordona added that this priority in the granting process is “invitational,” meaning that “applicants are not required to address the priorit[y], and earn no additional points and gain no competitive advantage in the grant competition for addressing these priorities.”



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