Check Out Disney’s New ‘Less-Racist’ Jungle Cruise Ride

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Being a Woke company is a hot issue in America, many hear that changes are being made and reject them on-site for fear of more anti-American rhetoric being projected from these companies, but sometimes these changes might be necessary.

Disney is by no means a good company, they ruined many franchises in pursuit of clout from the woke crowd and they also continue to do business with China despite the many real ethical concerns that stem from that, but the recent changes they made to their Jungle Cruise ride might have been for the better.

From the Daily Wire:

Carmen Smith, the Disney executive who heads “inclusion strategies,” told The Los Angeles. “When we look at something and realize the content is inappropriate, and may perpetuate a misconception or a stereotype, our intention is to take a look at it critically, and figure out a way to enhance it, to make the necessary changes so it is relevant.”

“It’s about arming people with knowledge … and understanding the intention was never to make anyone feel uncomfortable. But when we recognize that, we must address it,” she added.

Among the shifts the company says “reflect and value the diversity of the world,” the ride no longer includes elements that were based on humorous depictions of historical facts like cannibalism in the Amazon Basin and headhunting tribes in Borneo, as illustrated by shrunken head dealer “Trader Sam.” Instead, the ride now depicts monkeys and other animals tormenting tourists. The new version also, according to the Times, places an emphasis on “the havoc humans wreak on the environment.”

The Times claims the ride, which families of all ethnicities and backgrounds have enjoyed since 1955, had a “reputation for racist depictions of Indigenous people as tourist attractions, attackers or cannibals — tribal caricatures crafted through a colonialist lens.”

In all fairness to Disney, depicting an ethnic demographic as brutal savages who kill and eat people was a little inconsiderate. Not all change is bad, this is why it is so strange to see people get upset over minor happenings or irrelevant things but somehow stuff like this flew under the radar.


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