Paid ‘Snitches’ and FBI Informants Involved in Whitmer Plot?

One defendant in the Whitmer is demanding information related to FBI informants and paid “Snitches” that they alleged were involved in the plot.

From PJ Media: 

A man facing federal charges in the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer says there never would have been a plot without FBI involvement and wants to know who those 12 informants were after finding out that some were paid “snitches.”

BuzzFeed News reports that at least a dozen informants were involved with the FBI, working with the six defendants to plot, train, and do reconnaissance on the unpopular governor. Whitmer has been especially draconian in her COVID lockdowns, as PJ Media has reported.

A lawyer for defendant Kaleb Franks, dubbed “Red Hot” due to his red hair, maintains that the prosecution against him is “absurd” because, as The Detroit News reported about previous court documents, “there was no plan regarding what the alleged conspirators would do with [Governor Whitmer]. There has been talk of a plan to set her adrift in a boat in Lake Michigan. Of course, there is no evidence describing how this would occur.”



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