Obama Ethics Chief Zeros in on Hunter Biden Art Scheme

Obama’s ethics chief, Walter Shaub, went on CNN to discuss the ethical dilemma of Huner Biden’s recent dive into the art world and the White House’s strange response to criticism over the issue.

From Townhall:

So, should we be shocked if the true nature of Hunter’s art career is to funnel bribes to Joe Biden? I mean, doesn’t anyone find it odd that the Biden White House wants to keep the names of those who buy Hunter’s Rembrandt-like works hidden from the public? Obama’s ethics czar zeroed in on why this is a problem. It’s fertile ground for a bribery network. It’s the perfect scheme to do such a thing:

It’s the Clinton Foundation all over again to a certain extent. There’s the front—which is the Foundation. There’s a way for the wealthy and powerful to drop off their checks for favors, and then there’s the socioeconomically beneficial event that occurs to the person who wrote said check. The only difference here is that we knew who was cutting the mega checks to the Clintons, which allowed reporters to pinpoint on a timeline when the check was written to the event that benefitted the donor. We can’t do that with Biden’s artwork system.



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