T-Mobile Goes Woke

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Another companies is opting to go woke in the aftermath of the 2020 summer of rioting, this time its America’s 3rd largest Telecommunications company T-Mobile.

From the Daily Wire:

T-Mobile, the third-largest telecommunications company in the nation, told its 53,000 employees that they must adhere to an “anti-racist” ideology, according to a slew of emails from top executives and training course materials obtained by The Daily Wire.

Following the death of George Floyd, Executive Vice President of Consumer Markets Jon Freier, a white man, sent an email to T-Mobile’s 74%-minority workforce informing them that they must become “anti-racist” because “it’s not enough to simply feel good that you don’t contribute to racism.”

“Allies have realized that it’s not enough to not be racist. You have to actually be anti-racist,” Freier said. “Being neutral is actually part of the problem.”

Freier told employees and storefront owners that it is important to be “respectful” of different viewpoints, seemingly including those that call for burning and looting. The executive vice president said in one email that employees should respect the belief that it’s appropriate to “burn this whole place down.”

T-Mobile was one of the companies that was affected by the riots, several T-Mobile stores were destroyed in the rioting.


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