Is Creationism Another Form of White Supremacy?

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Recently an op-ed was published in the Scientific American that claimed “denial of evolution” is a form of white supremacy. This claim is anything but scientific and the author of the piece, Allison Hopper, identifies as a “filmmaker and designer” not a scientist. Hopper points to the “mark of Cain” as being why creationism and christianity are in support of White Supremacy. PJ media writer Paula Bolyard took this claim and took it apart in an op-ed of her own.

From PJ Media:

Again, there’s nothing in the biblical text to indicate that the “mark of Cain” was a change of skin color, though some racists have interpreted it that way. The focus of the passage wasn’t on the mark itself, but on the fact that God would not allow anyone to exact vengeance against Cain. There’s also nothing in scripture to back up the assertion that the mark was passed on to Cain’s descendants.

To “prove” that creationism is racist, Hopper claims she was unable to find more than a handful of children’s books about evolution on Amazon, while there were “hundreds of children’s books available on Amazon that focus on biblical origin stories.”

So… is racist Amazon, with its racist algorithm, blocking the sale of books on evolution? Or are racist secular book publishers working in cahoots with the religious wing-nuts to censor children’s books on evolution? Is that what she’s suggesting? Here’s an alternate theory: Maybe it’s because 40% of Americans still believe in the biblical view of creation, despite the best efforts of Hopper and her ilk to marginalize religious Americans, while only 22% believe we evolved without God’s help. And so maybe there’s a demand for books about the creation story and maybe people are buying those books, resulting in even more books being published on the topic because publishers like to make money. Perhaps Hooper should lay off the Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi books and pick up a Bible and an Econ 101 textbook.

Ham was right to point out that the Scientific American piece was a “deliberate attempt to totally misrepresent Christians and foster hate against them regarding the ‘race’ issue.” In fact, there’s only one “biological race of humans (as confirmed by the Human Genome project in 2000), and thus all are sinners, and all need the free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ,” he declared. “To claim in this Scientific American piece that rejecting evolution is a ‘form of white supremacy’ is disgustingly evil. Actually, this whole error-filled item is a hit piece against Christians.”


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