The National Archives gives a Chilling view of Woke America

Einsamer Schütze via ( Wikimedia Commons

The National Archives and Records Administration(NARA) has released a report on its efforts to combat “institutional racism”  at the National Archives.

This new report reflects just how deeply ingrained into the system Critical Race Theory is. The heavy reliance on ultra-woke/”anti-racist” language in the report shows us that this ideology is firmly in control of one of America’s key institutions.

From PJ Media:

Many outlets, including PJ Media, have focused on NARA’s recommendations for the National Archives rotunda, which claim that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are not by themselves “Charters of Freedom,” so the National Archives must retire that phrase or change it. Yet the 105-page report does not just represent one organization’s Woke browbeating struggle session — it also exposes how Marxist critical race theory and other ideologies entrench themselves in an institution.

“Racism is embedded in the history and current practices of NARA,” the report insists. “Dismantling such structural racism will require vast changes to NARA’s work culture at every level as well as an ongoing and active committment [sic] to anti-racist work througout [sic] the agency’s future.”

The executive summary gives three examples of “structural racism,” including “a preponderance of BIPOC [black, indigenous, people of color] in lower-paying, lower-status jobs and the preponderance of White people in higher-paying, higher-status jobs; legacy descriptions that use racial slurs… to describe BIPOC communities; and a Rotunda in our flagship building that lauds wealthy White men in the nation’s founding while marginalizing BIPOC, women, and other communities.”

In order to counter supposed “institutional racism” at the National Archives, NARA would institutionalize a new bureaucracy at all levels of the organization, staffing the agency with activists dedicated to a leftist agenda.


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