More On Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates Bizarre Abortion Stance

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Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe has revealed his pretty bizarre stance on abortion, it is without a doubt a radical stance, but some speculate that if his “Brick Wall” stance on the issue is real he is even more radical than current Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s insane stance on abortion.

Terry McAuliffe coined the term “A Brick Wall” in reference to his stance on abortion. This term was used back in 2013 when he first ran and first became Governor of the state. In a 2013 Campaign ad, McAuliffe claimed that he would stop any and all regulations on abortion and that he was a “Brick Wall” on the issue.

While in this campaign the National Organization of Women targeted McAuliffe’s opponent, Ken Cuccinelli, and claimed that Cuccinelli was in opposition to women’s rights while McAuliffe was in support of them.

The range of opinions in the pro-abortion field is growing thinner as time goes on and the more radical opinions of these groups, activists, and candidates are being accepted as mainstream. Abortion used to be argued for under the guise of being “Safe, Legal, and rare,” now things have changed and activists argue that people under the age of 16 should be able to get an abortion that is taxpayer-funded and absent of parental consultation.

This appears to be McAuliffe’s stance, concerningly enough though his stance may actually be more radical than current Governor Ralph Northam. For the sake of context Ralph Northam made concerning comments about postpartum abortions, this is an abortion where the baby is born and left to die. This procedure is also referred to as partial-birth abortion and is done when the child has reached a point of development where they can not safely perform an abortion without inducing labor or performing a c-section.

McAuliffe’s “Brick Wall” stance may result in procedures like this being the “new normal” in the state of Virginia.


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