Epstein’s Secret Ranch is Back on The Market

Photo of Epstein’s Zorro Ranch Mansion / Photo by Sotheby’s reality

Jeffrey Epstein’s mega-mansion in New Mexico is back on the market.

The Zorro Ranch is a 12-square-mile property that includes a 26,700-square-foot mansion and a private airstrip that includes a hangar and Helipad. The property is being listed for $27.5 million by the Neil Lyon Group at Sotheby’s International Realty Santa Fe.

This mansion is alleged to have been the spot where Epstein planned strange experiments where he would have impregnated several dozen women. This plan of Epstein’s boiled down to him having a “baby-making” factory at the ranch, Epstein’s plan was not only sick and twisted but was also not even feasible according to scientists that Epstein brought the idea to.

The Zorro Ranch property was also alleged to be where several women were trafficked and abused by Epstein and his associates. The Zorro Ranch was named by several of Epstein’s victims, court documents reveal.

Despite the activities that went on at this ranch and the status of its previous owner the firm selling the property insists that it will not affect the price. The funds generated from the sale of this property will go to Epstein’s estate and allegedly to his victims.


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