A Lawsuit Reveals School Forced Students On ‘Privilege Walks’

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

A lawsuit that was filed against an Illinois school district is alleging that the district violated several anti-discrimination laws while teaches students an “Anti-Racist” course.

A middle school Drama teacher filed this lawsuit over the curriculum that segregated students by race and forced them on marches called “Privilege Walks.” The teacher also alleges in her lawsuit that the curriculum compared “whiteness” to the devil and contained several lesson that were designed to pit various racial groups against each other.

The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism(FAIR) is representing the teacher in the case. FAIR outlined some of the allegations in the lawsuit: 

… The school engaged in racial segregation, depicted “whiteness” as a devil, and taught that whites are inherently oppressive. …

Teachers were separated by race, instructed on the problems with “white talk” and “white privilege,” and required to participate in “privilege walks.” …

Students as young as kindergarten were separated by race into “affinity groups,” told to participate in “privilege walks” based on their skin color, and given books depicting “whiteness” as a devil that “mess[es] endlessly” with “all fellow humans of color.” …

The children were also taught “whiteness is a bad deal,” white people send “overt and subliminal messages” that they are “superior” and black people are “bad, ugly, and inferior,” and color-blindness is racist. …

The lawsuit also alleges that the school website proclaimed that children as young as 5 were not “racial innocents.”

The lawsuit is alleging that the school has violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and the Equal Protection guarantee.




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