White House Gloats Over $0.16 Saving While Gas Prices Rise

Screenshot taken from Official White House social media channels

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was faced with a litany of criticism over the White House’s recent announcement that American’s will save $0.16 on 4th of July supplies this year all while gas prices continue to soar.

The White House’s official social media channels released the following as a way to celebrate the savings Americans will get this year.

This video was seen as a major slap in the face to Americans who are facing the real consequences of rising gas prices.

Another point to note is that hot dogs were not listed in the video as an item that has seen price decreases. Interestingly enough they may have been left off because the price of hot dogs has actually gone up. According to Townhall, this is actually one of the most expensive Independence Day’s in years.

At the pump and in the grocery store, Americans preparing to celebrate Independence Day will see their wallets take the biggest hit in years as inflation continues to drive up prices. Not only are they noticing the increased expense, they know who to blame for inflation.

According to AAA, the nationwide average for unleaded fuel hit $3.09 per gallon, the highest ahead of the Fourth of July weekend since 2014. And as more states and businesses relax restrictions put in place due to the Wuhan coronavirus, this weekend will see 43.6 million Americans — the most travelers so far this year — hit the road, per AAA. “Today, 89 percent of US gas stations are selling regular unleaded for $2.75 or more. That is a stark increase over last July 4 when only a quarter of stations were selling gas for more than $2.25,” a spokesperson said.

It’s not just at the pump where Americans are feeling the impact of inflation, they’re also seeing common food items get more expensive.


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