Fired for Wrong Think! Virginia Schools Look For New Policy to Combat Opponents of CRT

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Loudoun County, Virginia has become the battleground for Critical Race Theory in education. Proponents of the ideology are pushing hard to get it into as much of the curriculum as possible, while opponents of the ideology are pushing to get this new form of racism out of public schools.

Teachers, parents, and activists are all fighting in the county over this ideology but the school board in Loudon County is moving quickly to remove teachers from the debate by potentially punishing those teachers who speak out about the issue. 

From The Daily Caller: 

A proposed policy revision being considered by the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board is raising questions about whether it targets teachers and staff who speak out against critical race theory or other controversial issues.

According to a draft of a revised version of Policy 7560, titled “Professional Conduct” that would apply to teachers and other employees of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), “Employees should report violations of LCPS’s commitment to equitable treatment and all forms of discrimination or harassment based upon protected classifications of students and staff to their immediate supervisor or principal.”

The policy goes on to state, “Employees of the school division must recognize that they are in a position of public trust. However, nothing in this policy or any other policy shall be interpreted as abridging an employee’s First Amendment right to engage in protected speech or their right to a private life outside of their work responsibilities except as provided by law.”

Concern over the policy increased after Tanner Cross, a physical education teacher at Leesburg Elementary School, was placed on leave by LCPS after speaking during the public comment session of a school board meeting in opposition to a proposed policy on gender identity.

While all this is going on a lot of parents are left dazed and confused as to how this massive political battle ignited in such a small period of time. As for the parents of Loudon County students, they seem to have opted for ousting the ideology from schools.


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